Costa Rica in San Diego
Been busy with STACT and catching up with friends.

Hey gang… it’s been a hectic week! STACT has been working overtime to ensure that we get as many organizations start using our epic event management program. Today, I was hanging out with some friends from Costa Rica (Photo: Cindy). I got to meet up with a lot of bodyboarders that are coaches, supporters and volunteers at this week’s amazing ISA World Championships for Adaptive Surfers. If you’re in San Diego and get down there and support in any way you can.

As you know the posts having been dropping on the page and I’ll get back up to speed here on our website. Couple things that are on the back burner as well. I’m close to lining up a few sponsors of boogLIFE. Just a matter of days before we get some love from those that support us bodyboarders. So keep your eyes peeled here on boogLIFE. And remember, you can always hit me up through Patreon or on email:

Stand by from some awesomeness coming sooner than you think!

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