Running In The Canaries

Side Note: I like to run.

If you're on STRAVA and you bodyboard, please join the club that I created: BodyBoarding Runners. It's the perfect place to keep connected to those that bodyboard...
BodyBoarding 1971 Is Here!

Story Behind BodyBoarding 1971

If there's anything I learned from this Covid chaos is that our time is valuable. The time we spend with friends and family. The time we spend...
Staying Fit With Iain

Staying Fit With Iain Campbell

You don't have the goal of becoming world champion but if you want to up your game, this will definitely help. Check it...
Life Of Leo

Fun & Adventure… why we do it.

Sometimes you come across a cool boog vid that stokes you out on a different level. This one is one of them for me. Just the fun...
Scott Aichner - boogLIFE

Scott Aichner – LIVE!

Scott Aichner is a name you need to know. From bodyboarding in the second generation of bodyboarders to becoming a world-reknowned surf videographer and photographer... yeah, he's...
Mumbles Talks Straight

Deon Meyer Audio Interview Now Available

A cool interview with a special guest popping in to add to the interview was pretty awesome as well. If you're a boogLIFE Patron, head on over...
Andrew Lester LIVE!

Andrew Lester LIVE! TODAY!

5pm (Los Angeles Time) April 14  Get 'em while you can! I reached out to Andrew Lester and he said he had a few days off and he'd...
Glenn Policare - Who Is This Guy?

LIVE TONIGHT – Glenn Policare

So who is this guy... Glenn Policare. We know him as an avid VBC poster and vintage board collector but who is he really? You'll be amazing...
Colorada c1995

Finding Gems At Mom’s

0 you're a Off The Wall or Pipeline patron of boogLIFE, you'll know that I've come up on some epic old school photos that I found at...
BodyBoarding 1971

BodyBoarding 1971 – The App

Years in the making! I'm super stoked to announce that I've been working around the clock on a wallpaper app that's 100% BodyBoarding. I do offer some...