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Friday boogLIFE Poll

This week's poll is up and ready. I'd love to have your vote and thoughts. Click here: boogLIFE sponsored by:  Water Housing Solutions   RinseKit  Cartel Board Co  Thrash  TropiCaliGrown 
boogLIFE Video Feature

New Age Video Premiere Part 1

0 This is the first part of Antonio Cardoso's New Age video premiere night. It's in 360 so look around. You will need to be at least an Itacoatiara Patron...
Keep On Truckin'

Hello again :)

January and February has come and gone. Now, we're rollin' into March and I'm still wondering how to handle this website. Most, if not all the work...
Andrew Lester LIVE!

Andrew Lester LIVE! TODAY!

5pm (Los Angeles Time) April 14  Get 'em while you can! I reached out to Andrew Lester and he said he had a few days off and he'd...
Dino Casimiro - Moving Portugal

Dino Casimiro – Moving Portugal

0 You will to be an Arica boogLIFE Patron to listen. It's only $1/month to have an interview a week delivered.


0 Having access to the top pros while on tour is a huge asset. Rest assured, I'll do my best to line up interviews while on the road.
Staying Fit With Iain

Staying Fit With Iain Campbell

You don't have the goal of becoming world champion but if you want to up your game, this will definitely help. Check it...
BodyBoarding 1971

BodyBoarding 1971 – The App

Years in the making! I'm super stoked to announce that I've been working around the clock on a wallpaper app that's 100% BodyBoarding. I do offer some...
Andrew Karr - Jaws

Andrew Karr Getting Some Hometown Love

Beeg Todd sent this over while he was cruising the web. It's our boy, Andrew Karr, getting some love from the local newspaper in Philadelphia. Pretty epic! Click...
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Patreon Test Post

Testing new feature on the website. Instead of posting in two places, I'm trying to just post all content here. I will post audio podcasts in both places just to keep all your RSS feeds consistent.