This post includes a photo for boogLIFE Patrons only.
This post includes a photo for boogLIFE Patrons only.

Rider: Me
Photog: Omar Leon
Stoke Level: 100%
Balls: Frozen

I remember growing up in IB and seeing this one old school 70’s hippie surfer dude wearing nothing more than these cotton short shorts. We all wondered how in the heck did he do that All.YEAR.LONG!? It was crazy. So we thought he was crazy. 

But then my friend Carlos Mendez and I challenged each other to do just that. Bodyboard one year without wearing a wetsuit. Did we do it? Hell yeah we did! 

I remember a few days though… man. You know the days where you duck dive and your head instantly feels like an ice block. Yeah… ice cream headaches is what we used to call them. Damn… those hurt. But we did it! 

And now? I do my best to not wear a wetsuit whenever I’m stand up paddle board surfing. Bodyboarding… I’ll try but with almost our whole body in the water… it’s slightly tougher. But I’ll try. 

What’s the coldest water you’ve trunked it in?

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