boog Tribe Gathering... Cabo.
boog Tribe Gathering... Cabo.

This is that time of the year where Cameron Steele hosts not so much Cabo Freak Fest but more of a gathering of the boog tribe. For the past few years, I said I’d join in but never ended up pulling it off. Well, now that I’m not going to Kiama or Portugal, I have time that has opened up.

Keith Sasaki, Cameron Steele, Jay & Vicki Reale, Tom Prince and many others will be on hand this year. And you know what that means… yes, I’m taking my podcast gear and going to attempt to go LIVE with my 360 camera at least one time down there. As soon as I find out, you’ll be first to know. Now, to power through these next couple days at the office and then gonzo!

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