Damian King
Damian King
Kingy - World Champ
Kingy – World Champ

April 22 8pm San Diego Time
April 23 1pm Kingy’s Time

We chat with Damian King. Yes! Kingy! We’ve only got 30 minutes as he’s one busy man. Plus, he’ll be using his cell phone data so it has to be quick : ) The audio podcast of the interview will drop on May 20th. But you can listen, watch and participate during the LIVE interview!

boogLIFE Pipeline Patrons (and for a limited time Off The Wall and Teahupo’o Patrons) watch for FREE. 

If you want to watch and ask questions, it’s only $5 usd to participate. All money collected during the live interview will be sent to our guest. It’s a token of your appreciation for his time. He will decide to accept and do as he pleases. From what we see from his epic IG posts, I’m sure he doesn’t need the coin.

Come join in! If you have a proper webcam, headphones and microphone (can be webcam mic), I can bring you on the screen to ask him a question. Use this link to test your webcam and mic:  https://www.crowdcast.io/setup

See you soon!

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