Pitted at Padang Padanag
High resolution images for Itacoatiara Patrons but for today... everyone.

This high resolution image is to make up for me being MIA the last few days. I was in full recharge mode and was off the computer for the entire weekend. 

For those not on the Itacoatiara boogLIFE Patron list, these are some of the kind of images you’re missing. Plus, a ton of Roach photos that I have stored in the archives are dropped for the Itacoatiara crew as well. 

Okay… on tap: I’m going to hang with Jay Reale this Saturday and we’re going to do a duet of sorts for a couple interviews. Should be pretty awesome. Today, I’m uploading this image, an old video clip and yes… the-tapes of Paul Roach 2006. I have no idea what’s on that tape so we’ll both find out together. 

Thanks again for the support and please get the word out to join boogLIFE. BOOM!

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Pitted at Padang Padang.
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