BodyBoarding 1971 Is Here!
BodyBoarding 1971 Is Here!

If there’s anything I learned from this Covid chaos is that our time is valuable. The time we spend with friends and family. The time we spend on our own. And the time we spend on the things we really love. Your time is important and is limited. I loved spending time on this project as it is a reflection of my life as an ocean lover, a photographer and one lucky son of gun. Lucky because I get to tell you about riding waves with my friends through The Stories part of the app. More on that later.

All the kinks are out and my vision of having a 100% All BodyBoarding Wallpaper App has finally arrived! BodyBoarding 1971 is my baby. I’m super stoked to be able to offer my fellow bodyboarders a one stop shop when it comes to being stoked every single day of the year. With the BodyBoarding 1971 wallpaper app, you’ll get one photo for each day of the month. I upload a folder on the first of the month with the amount of photos as there are days. These are all my photos that I’ve captured over the years and they are my pride and joy. Plus, this is the cool part… you get an audio clip in English and Spanish (soon Portuguese and French if the demand is there) that talks about the photo, session, the rider and more. Cool, right?

I’m sure I made some enemies at the software company that I used to help me build the app. I’m paying a premium price to have access to their app building tools and cloud service to ensure the app is what I want it to be. When I started this project, everything was smooth and kept me moving forward. Then, I found myself talking to their support team everyday for the last two weeks. We were so close to finishing and then it was one thing after another… Apple’s strict rules made me switch up a couple things, Google Play Store decided to change their policies for payment and the list goes on. 

Two months, semi-expensive hosting/tools investment and a massive amount of time developing, creating and organizing has finally given life to BodyBoarding 1971. For only $2.99usd/month, you’ll get a morsel of stoke each and every day of the year. Save cash and pay annually ($19.99usd/year) or lifetime. Lifetime (guaranteed through 2023) is only $39.99usd. That’s the deal of the century. I made the app FREE to download so you can get a feel of what to expect. Plus, I added a few free photos for you to have and try as your wallpaper. If you like what you see, become a member and get access to your daily stoke… one sick photo from my hard drives per day plus the audio clip to go with it. 

The links to the app in Google and Apple app stores are below. Thanks for supporting me and my stoke and please feel free to reach out to me for any reason. Okay, I’m out… BOOM! 👊💥




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