JJ Ayala. Did He Make It?
JJ Ayala. Did He Make It?

Hey gang… 2020 is upon us and we’re going to change things up a little here with boogLIFE. I have three important things to make you aware of…

1. I’m just about done with my new website, EpicSurfTours.com. It’s taken me almost three months to get to this point with everything to do with Epic Surf Tours. I’d be stoked if some of you would look it over and spot any typos or grammatical errors for me. I don’t have the budget to hire a pro. Love you long time.

2. On January 7th, I’ll be increasing the subscription to boogLIFE to $5, $10 and $15. What is going to change? Well… my consistency, of course. I’ll have a new schedule with what’s going to improve, change and added. I’m excited to get back at it. You’re going to get more stories from me and all my adventures as a pro, commentator and photographer. 

3. We’re going to start with this shot of JJ Ayala. The story about him, this wave and everything that went into this to make it happen. Before I leave you until tomorrow, I have a question… do you think JJ made this wave?

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